First, our vision is to become a world-class machine tool trading company.
Two, our mission is to make Chinese enterprises stronger and bigger and to lead Chinese enterprises to the world stage.
Three, our aim is: reject theory, focus on actual combat, and help customers improve profits.
Four, our spirit is simple, focused, stubborn.
Five, our style: commitment, no excuse; absolute obedience, never give up
Six, our values are:
Customer: everything is based on the value of the customer
Principle: system first, leadership second
Standard: always maintain the peak state, and take everything as the first goal.
Team: in unison, Qi broken gold
Gratitude: to be a grateful person and win respect with love.
Responsibility: responsible for oneself, responsible for the enterprise and responsible for the society.
Seven, our core concept is:
The idea of survival: only the right way can survive.
Entrepreneurial idea: hardship is a required course for successful people
Development idea: sacrifice the ego and complete the big ego
Business philosophy: to win the world and build up talents in the four corners of the world.
The idea of competition is to surpass ourselves, to fight without fighting and to bend our troops.
Sales idea: everything is for love
Service concept: customer centered and service with love.
Brand concept: brand creates value and value creates wealth.
The concept of wealth: money is a thing apart, first wealth is growing
Working idea: to practice the simple way to the extreme is the unique skill.
Life philosophy: dumping money enough to gather, the amount of wide enough; first to rate, to convince the people of self-discipline
Human concept: position first, ability second
The concept of salary is rewarding, rewarding, and no achievement is a disgrace.
Organizational concept: to create a platform and to accomplish yourself
The idea of promotion is to create achievements, cultivate talents and promote them.
The concept of achievement: ordinary people pursue goals, excellent people surpass goals, and excellent people create miracles.

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